We believe investing in the generations around us will awaken them to their identity in Christ as sons and daughters.


We believe in promoting Kindom-centered communities in the the United States and around the world.


We believe that we are God’s Plan A, commissioned to make the Earth look just like Heaven.

A Word From Our Founder

Michael HindesKingdom Living is simply living the God-designed life that was intended all along – a life marked by fulfillment, peace, service, and love.

Jesus says, “the Kingdom does not come about by our careful observations, but the Kingdom is within us”. It’s never been about political agendas and prescribed religious exercises. It’s always been about, “bringing the fruitfulness of the garden to the barrenness of the earth,” (Anthony Chapman).

The Father, being saturated with pure love, invested His essence in us. Thus empowering us to be Him by offering dignity in the midst of suffering, comfort in the midst of pain, and acceptance in the midst of rejection.

Desiring to live as Christ, Kingdom Inc. provides care to the orphaned, alleviation of suffering to the poor, empathy and healing to the sick, and hope to the hurt and abused.

“I dare you to join us in our mission. No really, I dare you…”

– Michael Hindes

Video from The Journey

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  • Gold in Them There Hills – Part 3

Gold in Them There Hills – Part 3

Even though there is great temptation to add dramatic emphasis, it’s just not necessary.  When God rolls up his sleeve to reveal his muscle, it speaks for itself.  It’s beyond anything we can comprehend or explain.  Keeping it real, and keeping it right, is enough.

I rented the biggest television […]

  • Gold in Them There Hills – Part 2

Gold in Them There Hills – Part 2

Lunch had started around noon.  It was now 4:30pm and I was weaving through traffic like a crazy person!  I had a small window of opportunity.

Once I heard that a video was available, I knew what I wanted to do.  I wanted to show it to the leaders of […]

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Gold in Them There Hills – Part 1

It was supposed to be nothing more than two pastor guys having lunch. Both of us had small congregations at the time, so there was no need to “one-up” the other in any way, trying to figure out who had the biggest, the best, or the most vital church.
There […]